Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Copied from an expansion of my previous post

I made that post because I felt that Elizabeth Bear had been at fault. She has chosen - and I thank her for it - to come here and discuss the matter at some length. When I accused her of bad faith, I did so on the basis of the clear evidence of her own unequivocal words. This does not entitle people constantly to rail on and on and on in my LJ about their doubts as to her sincerity now. You are all guests here and you will behave. The mocking phrase 'white women's tears' ought to apply both to those about whom it was originally used and to those White Allies who sometimes seem to feel that their righteousness entitles them to be mean. I would ask those POCs who are commenting to respect my wishes as well - there is the whole internet to be rude and I wish people to be polite on my turf.

So, no more accusations of trolling, no more demands that people suspend loyalties to friends and no more being mean.

I am also unsure that endless me-tooism is a useful form of discourse, and I would ask all of you, and this applies my friends to my friends too, only to make substantive comments for a while, much as I love you all.

Above all, as Kate Bornstein always says, the most important thing is NOT TO BE MEAN.
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