Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

I have become one of those irritating people

Because it is needful that someone does this.

Cleve Jones - long-term activist, close friend of Harvey Milk and tireless promoter of his legacy - was in town for the festival and talked very powerfully about building alliances, about remembering that LGBT politics are part of a broader movemetn and so on. He is very right on - but he is also a fabulously good speaker. And of course after speaking at the Film Festival he was going to keynote at the big Stonewall dinner last night.

So, given the bully pulpit of the Q&A, and the fact that he had been talking a bit about the ENDA, I asked him about how we combat institutional transphobia in the LGBT community. He talked about doing it through the unions, which was good and sensible and works here some of the time; I then went on to ask him whether he would mention the issue of institutional transphobia at the Stonewall dinner, and he said that he would try and make an opportunity to do so.

I fear that one of the things we have to do is just hammer on about this issue until Stonewall and so on just do get over themselves...


Todays' movies? Well The Lovers and Fighters' Convention is one of the things I most wanted to see - it's a documentary record of some of the cabaret from Transfabulous and I was there, though not on screen. What struck me was that it was just as entertaining, rather more intellectual and rather less hot than seeing it in the flesh - this was particularly true of the rant by my wonderful friend Jet, who in person takes the breath away, and on screen is merely amazingly smart and beautiful.

Jason is amazing as well.

So that's one you should all try to see - apparently it's going on the circuit and will play at eg Boston. Huzza

Bandaged was described as Madchen in Uniform meets Eyes without a Face and that pretty much covers it. Nurse falls for young patient who has tried to kill herself and ended up with an acid burn which her doctor father is trying to repair with experimental techniques. There's a lot of bandaging and a lot of stuff with dead mice and some mysterious backstory about a dead mother. The trouble with it was that it could not quite decide whether it was parody or pastiche; some of the sex is very tacky and the squick stuff is often deliberately Over the Top and the audience laughed nervously at much of both. Yet there are one or two images that I found genuinely haunting and upsetting, so I am left totally baffled as to what I thought. The acting was crap in an exploitation movie sort of way, which may well mean that it was actually brilliantly referential.

Sometimes being pomo and referential really does make it hard to tell whether something is crap or a brilliant reconstruction and deconstruction of crap. I think it was possibly very good, and certainly hyper-risky, but I did not actually enjoy it all that much, which means that it was possibly a bit sterile.

Appropriately enough...Given all the surgery.
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