Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

I just watched the Star Trek episode of CSI

Which was all a bit meta...To put it mildly...

It is set at a convention for a classic SF television show, at which the victim earlier showed a pilot for a reimagining of it as grittier and grimmer - sort of classic Star Trek done in the style of new BSG. And a lab worker who finds him gets to ring up Brass and say 'He's dead, Jim'.

And it is not just that the killer turns out to be the deconstructionist academic. Whose motive was that she was the real author - death of the author jokes on television shows, truely we live in a meta age.

She was played by Kate Vernon, aka Ellen Tigh, aka the Final Cylon. Which sort of endorses her claim to be the real author, doesn't it?

Television will eat itself - about five minutes ago.

Oh, and more evidence here that the last episode of BSG was a cunning lie, and that, in fact, THEY WALK AMONG US.
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