Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

I saw Terminator Brokeback

Terminator Salvation really only makes sense if you assume that it is about the doomed romance of Marcus and John Connor.

Talk about 'Take it, take another little piece of my heart'!

It is a movie that includes many useful guides to conduct - for example, if offered a superficially attractive deal by Helena Bonham Carter, by no means take it for you will end up with an ear full of cider. Much of the time it loses track of which franchise it is supposed to be a movie in, because there are a number of Terminator gadgets that are for all practical purposes Transformers, which is going to make for confusion later this summer. It has a cute kid, who is not only cute, but mute, but knows one end of a radio detonator from another - just what you want in a sidekick.

Most importantly, though, there is the whole way that, half way through the film, the cyborg Marcus and the seemingly indestructible John Connor meet and bond - Marcus, newly revealed as a cyborg, a fact of which he had been hitherto unaware and don't you hate it when that happens, is hanging from chains above a vast cistern. I almost missed some of the intense dialogue by wondering how they had got him up there and what the point of it was. The two men snarl at each other but we know this is just flirting, and it becomes even clearer when they do a deal by a fire-lit riverside...

One of the reasons the film feels slashy is that the female parts are so underwritten. Also, it comes to seem the case that in this recension, Skynet is to some degree possessed by the downloaded mind of HBC, which has to be one of the weirdest bits of misogyny in cinema. An entire movie franchise built around the lumbering presence of Big Arnie, and it turns out that the face of Skynet is a British lady thespian...Ha!

I am told that the movie had an entirely different ending - as it is, it is silly, maudlin and weirdly sexual.

It is a movie the principal point of which is that things go bang, but if we want to consider the possibility that among those things are two manly men who meet in combat, it is certainly open to that interpretation.....
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