Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Serious need of catchup posts

That will not happen because I am being sort of busy writing.

However, in their place:

1. My birthday party on the 9th was awesome = there were around 45 people for dinner at the Mien Tay who managed amazingly co-ordinated service so that three tables full all more or less got served at the same time. Also, may I say good? And cheap? My table's bill came to £11 a head and I still cannot quite get over that.

The bar was wonderful too. And then there were presents, oh yes, there were presents. I shall not go into details there, because comparisons are invidious, but thankyou very much everybody. Particularly for 30 Rock and Alcina and the present too wonderful to be named, but also for the absinthe and the Tom Paine figurine.

2. I just had an amazing day which started with continuing to hang out with cillygirl who came over and ended up crashing, and then continued to be an afternoon and evening with among others wild_irises, pokershaman annafdd and olivia_circe where we gave Patrick Ness his Tiptree award.

Later, when waiting for a bus with olivia_circe, I recited the Stonewall poem for her, which she liked. Also, another woman who was waiting at the bus stop and whom I have occasionally seen on the 394, told us how much she had liked it and how impressed she was by it. It may be coffee, but I am on a high.

I had only just come down from doing it at the South Bank on Thursday, which was a bit of a triumph...

3 Work in progress on two poems - a long autobiographical poem which started off being called Echoes of Stonewall and is not called something like Pulling off scabs in public and a poem about the great unhappy love affair of my 30s. These may get posted wholly or in part, if people want me to.
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