Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

On being quite angry

In a sense, none of this is any of my business.

I have not been a religious believer in any meaningful sense for three decades and my spirituality, such as it is, is a combination of vague hope that there is something more than there appears to be in the material world. My lack of religious faith has not been changed by a variety of meetings with dead people - I don't see that possibly illusory encounters that might indicate the survival of some version of people after death necessarily indicates the existence of gods, or vice versa. Particularly since none of the dead people I talked to bothered to mention this salient issue, and talked about quite other matters as of interest to them. (Going on journeys, standardly).

What does anger me is that religious people act as if there was some peculiar virtue on their part in not having the power actively to persecute LGBT people any more. So much virtue that we should reward it by not asking them for actual tolerance or even civilized neutrality.

The fact of the matter is that, for many centuries, the Christian churches and Islam intermittently murdered LGBT people, locked them up, mutilated them or otherwise made their lives a living hell. Where Judaism did not do this, it was only because it was so busy being persecuted itself that it never got the chance. People were told that their nature was an affront which had to be punished and were made to punish themselves with guilt every day they lived, even if they did not actually get to do anything. Many of them were turned into the worse kind of persecutor - the persecutor who is working out hatred of themself.

The question is not - should the Christian churches split over the question of allowing a few LGBT people to be clergy? The question is, when are the churches going to humble themselves in abject shame for their endless crimes against gay people?

And until they start to take this on board, there is no point treating them with any seriousness, consideration or politeness.
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