Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Friendslist Failed to Warn Me

I had one of my periodic odd wistful evenings with an unex, someone I never actually dated but we probably should have a long time ago - one of those people that you have never-to-be-finished business with for so long that it feels like there is pressure on you from all those alternate universes where things went otherwise, for good or ill. But that is not what I want to talk about.

We went to see - because she is middle-aged and I am sort of old -The Private Lives of Pippa Lee one of those movies which don't get especially good reviews but which deserves better reviews than it was ever going to get from boy reviewers because it is a movie about middle-aged women having mid-life crises. Which was kind of appropriate to circumstances...Robin Wright Penn is the eponymous Pippa, who is Alan Arkin's third wife and mother to his children; he is old and they have moved to a retirement village where she is rather a lot younger than most of their friends. She broods on her past - pill-popping mother, lesbian aunt, wild period as artists' muse figure.

In the course of this past, she is played by Blake Lively - who actually is not bad casting for a young Robin Wright Penn. Among other things, this involves a sequence in which she is persuaded by her aunt's lover - played by Julianne Moore - to participate in a lesbian sm photoshoot. I will repeat that, Blake Lively, in a naughty schoolgirl outfit, doing a lesbian sm porno photoshoot.

Later on Blake has a bed scene with Alan Arkin. Later on, there is sex involving Winona Ryder and sex involving Keanu Reeves. I liked the movie, but it is full of Wrongness. Oh and Monica Bellucci does something interesting at a dinner table.

I am surprised that my friends list did not melt over this movie. We felt vaguely soiled by having found ourselves watch Blake be inappropriate all over the screen, and enjoyed it a lot.


Some of That Scene is in promo material....Vaguely NSFW

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