Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Another chunk

More poem

Other lips
brushing against the skin,
the soft skin
in the crease of the elbow
the tender skin
below the ear
over the jaw-hinge
the delicate paper skin
of eyelid or of thumb-web
the roughness of nippleskin
the reek of navel
the salt wet of clit and cunt.

Lying alone
Wanting to change sheets
stale with her smell
Not buying
the biscuits she likes
in case she calls.
Not caring
if the phone rings
and you are not listening.
on headphones
So loud you miss the call.
If she rings
Which she does not.

of this
changes nothing.
Not at all.

You sit with her.
Stroke her cheek
On the stairs of someone else's flat
On your sofa
in your bed,
the sheets clean.
She does not understand
When she comes back
that you do not
Have to forgive.
She never went away,
she was there
even when she was not.
you do not care
how many of them she fucked.
your love is your possession
not hers
she does not get to have a view
She may feel unworthy
She may feel
love spoiled
She has that right.

Your love
Ever fixed mark
diamond hard,
does not fester
harsh and hard
your love
like the hot Sahara wind
that wears stone away.
your love
the flower with teeth
that traps and sucks.

No none of that
No anger,
no wish to alter her
Nothing matters
with your lips
on skin
in clean sheets.
Tags: poetry ashleigh desire
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