Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Weekends can be fun after all

And suddenly hot Summer London is just cool enough to be bearable and actually quite fun, while still too hot actually to do much work.

I spent far too much of it allowing pandarus inveigle me into showing off, with the result I told the Stephen King story, the serial killers story, and rather too many of the Chicago stories to the same person in the same weekend and she didn't hit me.

We did much Buffy theorizing and agreed that one of the reasons why Giles never talked through the problems of magic with Willow was that it would have meant talking about his own magic days, which would have involved being honest about Ethan, which is a conversation he was not ready to have with all these kids less than half his age. Plus, his emotional energy so bound up in Buffy that he shamefully neglects giving Willow the mentoring she needs - especially after she came up with the magic hack that saved him and Ethan and Jenny.

I so understand why Giles is like this, but it does not make him sympathetic. I feel I know him too well.

In a weird way, I probably do - if he were real, we were at Oxford enough of the same years, and I will have been hanging round queer occult circles in London at almost exactly the same time. The reason why I will never write Giles/Ethan is that I know exactly where they ate, drank and clubbed together; how the streets smelled and what everyone was wearing - it is just all too creepy.

Later on, went off by self to see Big Gay Pirate Movie. And have nothing to say. So perfect, so shiny, so Deppalicious, so Swishbuckling - and Jack Davenport's uptight character no less gay than Will and Jack. And a sudden horrible moment when I think Will?! Jack?! and suddenly it is a Pirates/Will and Grace crossover with Karen on the sidelines bitching, and Grace falling over her feet in the dress, and Jack trying to do the accent and no! this is too disturbing.

Went and blagged an omelette off Lisa P, Uber Spikista extraordinary. And we talked about Spike/Wesley and I said, of course, the Spike Wesley site has to be called 'The British are Coming'. And much silliness involving the spinoff featuring Spike's old coat, which can stand up all by itself, and is much cheaper than James, though not so much as you would think. Because articles of clothing are getting the good agents these days...
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