Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

More of Abigail

Abi got a mention in the obituaries section of the Hugo Ceremony at Montreal and Geoff Ryman was incredibly kind and sent me a text to tell me about it. I just never got round to mentioning this because it's one of those acknowledging she is dead moments that I am still having a problem with.

Meanwhile, Dave Langford is still - bless him! - scanning old Abigail APA postings and putting them on the website he has created for her. There's a particularly fine piece here which is both funny and forensically solid in its demolitions of a particular piece of woo-woo literature, and a famous hippy poster, and on the reasons that people are drawn to them through wishful thinking. One of the reasons why people loved her, and some people hated her, was that she was a toughie and scathingly funny when her blood was up.

Gods, I miss her. And what a shame it is, to reiterate a point I have made already and endlessly made to her, that she refused to get involved with the Internet and never posted here.
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