Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney


In a wave of enthusiasm after yesterday's movie, I sat down and read the second book, which I had been kind of saving for a rainy day. If anything, it is better than the first, simply because we find out what made Lisbeth Salander who and what she is, and see how essential it is for her to stop living, as she thinks she can, without ties and without assistance. She has ended her relationship and friendship with Blomkvist and he has accepted that decision, but, like a number of other people, he retains intense loyalty to her.

So that when she is accused of three murders, and the police are looking for her, treating her as an armed and dangerous psychopath, his kind of dogged journalistic legwork becomes seriously important to her chances of survival...But may not be enough.

In the process, they, and we, find out some very nasty secrets about the Secret State in its Swedish manifestation. Stieg Larsson was a campaigning journalist and these books say some very scathing things about the actual workings of Sweden's laws - Larsson was a man of the Left, but also a contrarian who distrusted authoritarianism of any kind.
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