Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Mildly crap

I had to miss the Amanda Palmer gig yesterday because of a migraine, which was annoying, and I nearly had to miss the one tonight because the electricity in the flat blew. In the event, a nice man from Hackney council came round and everything works and now I shall be going, and be completely dead in the morning, but it's worth it.

Meanwhile, I saw Adventureland which is a boy coming of age story set in the 80s, and the hero is a bit of a dick, and decides not to be, and gets rewarded for that decision. Whereas the point would be not to be a dick in the first place, which is me being picky.

Ironically, because I am finding the pickingess of others around Glee a bit problematic, because the show is not doing anything that failing yet. I mean, we are only two episodes in, and it is still establishing the central characters, and yet the hefty African American woman has been established as possibly the best singer of the lot, and the disabled guy not only got a solo, but got a solo which portrayed him as a sexual being.

I'm quite prepared to be annoyed with the show when it doeslet me down, as no doubt it will, but I'd like to reserve judgement for the moment. Perhaps it is my advanced years, but I find myself more tolerant of Terri than a lot of my fl; she comes from a toxic family and she has trapped herself in a lot of stupid stuff. I want to know how she and Will ended up together, and my guess is that the whole story will prove a lot more complicated than her being a witch and him being an idiot.

In the meantime, I can quite see why the premier femslash pairing for the show is Quinn/Rachel, but I'd be interested to read Sue/Terri - because Sue does believe in keeping her friends close and her enemies closer...
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