Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Monday morning avoiding work

Several things.

1) We have been having hot water problems over the last week - which have now been resolved, thank heaven and you very much. Yesterday, I repaid our friend Simon for his letting us use his shower and washing machine by putting in a few hours helping go through boxes of theatrical programmes - Simon is a dealer, I should explain, and like most theatre ephemera dealers knows a lot about theatre and not so much about other areas where actors work.

Now, I always knew that ASH and Alexis had worked together before, but it is not the same as opening a box and finding the documentary proof. Simon now has it up at his commercial site:

What is odd is how much more fresh-faced Alexis looks and how much more American...

2) Following on from the M obsession of last week, I was very taken with the interview Lang does with German television in one of the accompanying special features. I've known in broad outline the story of how the Nazis offered him the German film industry and how he said yes to everything and then drove to France the same night - but it is not the same as hearing him tell the story, in long sentences, which multiply principal clauses and which are very low on all but the most telling of details. As quite a good anecdotalist myself, I treated the interview as something of a master class.

It also struck me that it might be a way forward for the novel I am stuck on - what I was trying to do was have my secondary heroine tell stories about the French Revolution, the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs and the fall of sort-of-Atlantis in a fairly highly coloured way, and actually it all needed to be very plain and matter of fact, and that is why it wasn't working. Oh well, get the movie book finished first.

3) Slash is a door which, when opened, can never be closed.

We watched 'Addicted to Love' last night and the relationship between Matthew Broderick's obsessed astronomer hero and the French restaurateur who has seduced/fallen for his ex- sweetie gets so close to pouncing at various points that you almost wish the last act had gone there, a bit. And one of the weaknesses is the absence of interaction between Meg Ryan's malevolent jilted Maggie and the rather bland woman she has been dumped for. The scene where Sam and Maggie dress up in the clothes of their respective lovers' new partners and make it is so deeply wrong that it almost creates a new category of slash - they are both erotically obsessed to a point where identity blurs. Not a good film, but an interesting failure at taking the sentimental comedy into new meaner areas.

Is it true that 'Bend it like Beckham' was originally going to be about lesbianism rather than football ? Because it is surprisingly slashtastic anyway. A film which has Jonathan Rhys Meyer as the love interest that keeps the two young women from falling for each other is not being, as someone once said, large with the butch.

And I loved 'Swimming Pool'. Which most of the UK critics got fundamentally wrong. It uses eroticism to talk about the joy of creativity and the way you fall for your subjects irrespective of your gender preference. Charlotte Rampling is utterly wonderful - thank God, not a pervert, it is the woman my own age and then some that I am attracted to, not the bony adolescent -and I love the way the movie takes the mickey out of the cliche of the repressed English spinster warmed by the Provencal sun.

4. Does anyone know whether the supersonic emitter for deterring mice actually works?
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