Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

This is mostly relevant to my US friends.

This is a copy of a post from Transgender and I am hopping mad about it.

The Advocate has set up a poll asking if gender identity should be cut out of ENDA. I find it deplorable that they would even ask, but as long as it is up there we should try to overwhelm them with NO votes.

You can also leave comments below the poll as well.

Please repost

May I say in my own right how utterly appalled I am by this? By the idea that the Advocate would even think ditching the trans community and gender expression is even something that should possibly be on the agenda?

And they have stupidly phrased it so that you don't have the option of saying 'I would support it out of solidarity with my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters even if they decide to sell me down the fucking river, but afterwards they can bite me.' I mean, have you stopped beating your husband, Advocate?

Solidarity forever, because otherwise the bastards win.
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