Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Isn't it ironic that the Right, and a number of progressive academics who ought to know better, tell us that it is neo-colonialist to criticize murderous homophobia on the part of African politicians? When the old laws they enforce were brought in by European empires and the new even more vicious laws now being brought in, in, for example, Uganda seem mostly to have their origins in the fertile minds of American evangelists and politicians of a theocratic bent?

Let's be clear, these are the people of whose plans Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale is a pale shadow; they would kill us all if they could, and will if they can. Laws that would imprison a parent for not dobbing in a gay child, and seek to extradite exile nationals for what they do in other countries, and execute people living with HIV+ for having sex are utterly abhorrent.

Many believers claim to ask themselves 'what would Jesus do?'

One looks at the Ugandan law and says 'None of the above.'

It's not just hopeless cases like Rick Warren who are being complicit by silence; it is the Archbishops of the Anglican Church and the Pope in Rome. This is a warrant for mass murder and the hierarchies are doing nothing.

Or engaging in so-called 'quiet diplomacy'.

Tell me, believers, was throwing the money-changers out of the temple 'quiet diplomacy'? Or was it something a little more forceful?

Jesus said 'love thy neighbour as thyself'; he did not say 'kill as many queers as you possibly can'. He told his followers to heal the sick, not murder them; to visit the imprisoned, not throw people into jail.

I don't even think he was the Son of God, or the second person of the Trinity, and I seem to pay more attention to some of his ideas than people who claim a direct hot-line to him. As he said 'we do not pluck figs from thistles'; people who engineer projects of mass-murder in other countries as practice for carrying them out in their own are prophets of some other religion of hatred, anger and spite.

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