Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Roz and Her Beloved's Christmas so far

Smoked Salmon on sunflower seed rye toast.
Black coffee.
Cheese straws, stuffed olives, parma ham, gorgonzola, ubriaca, salami.
Mineral water.
Roast beef with celeriac, juniper, thyme, bay, shallots and wine. Lightly steamed sprouts swilled on walnut oil. Christmas pudding and cream. Mincemeat ice cream. Champagne.

When not cooking or preparing food or watching television, reading a Paul Macaulay novel about a future in which almost everyone is a total shit. So no change there, then.

Nutcracker - not a great version.
Boheme with Villazon and Netrebko - passed the test of making me cry in the love scene in Act One, the duet in Act Three and the end of Act Four, while hugging myself with glee in the pianissimo duet reprise of the waltz song in Act Two. The point of La Boheme is to make Roz cry a lot - which does not make it the greatest music ever, but makes it one of the most efficient,

After that, I was such a limp rag that I have no particularly strong views about Who. So much weirdness that I am reserving judgement for eight days to see how it pans out.

But I totally called the ending. Days ago.
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