Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Some people have enquired...

what Julie Bindel is like. Here she is expressing some views on gay men and gay male misogyny which stray into some very odd territory. I mean, yes, some gay men are horribly misogynistic, but for Julie it is all part of a conspiracy...And then there is WHAT THEY DO IN BED and how that oppresses women...

It would be funny in a sense, were it not for the way that some of what she says echoes the hate speech of the likes of Ssempa, the Ugandan homophobe who is using scat porn to build up murderous hatred of gay men, and lesbians like Bindel, all over Africa. He too believes in the gay conspiracy, after all. And in reparative therapy.

(Julie Bindel of course does not believe in reparative therapy for lesbians and gay men. She does however disapprove of bisexuals, and she does believe that trans people should have 'talking cure' therapy that will stop us wanting to be trans. She claims that this is entirely different from reparative therapy, and that she is not selling the pass to the likes of Ssempa. She is not lying; she just does not get it or how the sort of thing she says here can be used to further right-wing projects that kill women and men.

Quite honestly, she is not very bright.)
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