Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
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Mostly, I am angry about the Vatican. So nothing new there.

It is this gobbledegook in which they - the usual they, various cardinals and bureaucrats - have announced that they know that viruses can penetrate the latex of condoms. They know they are losing the argument on morals, so they make up pseudo-science instead.

John Paul 2 is dying - you would think he would worry a bit about this sort of thing, but I guess he is just sure as anything about this. Because what is the point of being Pope if you can't be sure of things.

And tomorrow I get to see Kill Bill Volume One, and take my mind off spirituality with sex and violence and loud music. So glad to live in London and get to see it early. It means that I will be already for the upcoming wave of Kill Bill femslash - you know it's going to happen, just live with it.

Femslash so dark and nasty and dirty low-down that no-one will be able to complain it's girlie.
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