Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Late night broodings

I have been reading Harry Turtledove's not especially brilliant 'American Empire' alternate world series and the one thing that he does get right is that sense of inevitability that creeps over you when things are getting bad politically. I am really truely concerned about the way that perfectly normal and sensible people among my middle-aged acquaintance have swallowed the whole anti-asylum-seeker line without a faint vestige of guilt and the way that a supposedly liberal Tory like Letwin can talk airily of putting them all ' on an island, far away '. We are not at the state of building concentration camps for people, but some of what is going on - shipping deportees out ahead of possible legal injuctions - is getting very sinister, and the Tories would be even viler.

And there is a real attempt going on by unpleasant rich Americans to push the churches - who need little pushing - to take a hostile line on homosexuality. It is bad enough that there are people out there who want to stone me to death - it is worse that they can bribe ecclesiastics to say I deserve it.

The weekend was partly taken up by fitting a new mattress and the nightmare of cleaning under the bed - omigod! dust bunnies with fangs, dust bunnies that are Body Snatcher pods - which just goes to show that slobbiness is a Bad Thing and I need to be a better Roz. And tubular steel beds are nice, but after a decade or two, you have subtly warped them by sleeping on them - if you are fat like me - so that when you take them apart they won't go together again easily.

Oh, and Kill Bill is shiny. I loved it and I didn't especially respect myself in the morning. And what is with O-ren's calling the Bride 'Silly Rabbit'? They have pet names for each other - figures. As I said before, so much back-story femslash will come out of this film and clearly Tarantino is just daring us.

I've read the negative reviews and find myself sort of nodding and saying ' yes, well, but the adrenalin high and the sheer bliss of picture making and the intensity of it all'. I would not want to see a lot of movies like 'Kill Bill', but it is a piece of work that does not compromise and which takes no prisoners.

I went to the Gramophone Awards this pm - which involved the usual smug chat, but also Handley conducting Bax and Marin Alsop conducting Kabalevsky's Colas Breugnon - one of those terribly jolly overtures that everyone sort of knows but don't know what it is. And Ian Bostridge singing Britten - god he has a lovely voice - bliss in Britten and Mozart and Smetana and Schubert and Noel Coward. I never cease to be grateful that I like classical voices and rock voices and jazz voices and Broadway voices, whereas most people I know cannot stand at least one of those. I even quite like folk voices.
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