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So now we know...

I make no apologies for banging on about the Anglican church row, because I think it is symptomatic of more dangerous tendencies in the relationship between faith communities and society at large. After all, Richard Mellon Scaife does not fund things for the good of his health, only for the good of his bank account.

And I was impressed at the frankness of the Bishop of Pittsburgh, who, asked by an interviewer what he would do if he lost a democratic vote, said something along the lines of 'There is only one vote that is important and that is the Lord's'.

One of the things that needs saying about these people is that they represent a corrupt tag-end of what was once a tradition with some real and fine achievements behind it. The Evangelical tradition has never been progressive, but they were never anti-democratic. Now, clearly, they regard themselves as above the basic rules society has agreed to - if their perception of God's will is automatically the right thing, then what need for elections, or representative government, why don't they ask for a Christian Republic, perhaps along Iranian lines, right now?

Because that is the logic of what he just said.
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