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But first a link here to a very good piece from Antonia D'Orsay on trans civil disobedience and its potential cost, particularly in barbarous places like much of the US. Worth remembering - and I remember when it was standardly as opposed to potentially that bad here.

I was slightly dreading Stonewall Uprising because on the one hand it is going to be pretty much the definitive account on film of that much contested riot and on the other it is largely based on David Carter's work. Carter, though a lovely man in all sorts of ways, can be very stick in the mud about precisely who was trans at the time though not as bad as this piece makes him sound. He tends to think that only the various professional impersonators who were using the back room, and the trans woman who was celebrating her eighteenth birthday, count, because the kids outside were wearing femmy clothes that were legal, just about, rather than drag which wasn't. The fact that quite a few of those kids were on hormones within a year of Stonewall doesn't quite work with him - partly because he wants it to be a narrative about lesbian and gay civil rights in which trans people are a side issue.

My impression - and we had a long chat afterwards - is that this is an issue of interpretation on which he is talkable to; he did not, for example, know that Holly Woodlawn turned up in the later stages of the riot, something we know because we asked her.

Allowing for all of this - and not letting it go - what the film did do was set the context of just how nightmarishly bad the treatment of all LGBT people was back in the 50s and 60s, with lobotomy being used as a 'cure' and people being driven out of their jobs. And the sense of how the riot worked as a military action actually FOUGHT by both sides has never been so clear to me. He is also very good on the cop in charge, who probably stopped its becoming a total bloodbath, and who has developed a real conscience about how LGBT people were treated back in the day.

Overall, a good and powerful film with which I have some serious issues...


Zombies of Mass Destruction is a camp funny zombie film, which just is not funny enough if you compare it with Peter Jackson's Brain Deadwhich the programme does, to the disadvantage of ZOMD if you have seen the Jackson many times. Still, the coming out to your mother in the course of which awkward conversation she drops dead and rises up drooling and shambling and trying to eat your brains is a classic. As is some of the bitter stuff about the inability of Middle America to keep straight which bits of the Middle East people come from.

Adequate but no more.
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