Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Quickly before the clocks go forward...

Dare is a highly competent but not exciting film about three teenagers who are faced with the possibility of a serious three-way relationship. The disturbed rich kid that the young gay man and his female besty have both shagged is up for it, but they are too jealous of each other to go for it. Early in the film, Alan Cummings as a visiting director tells the girl that if she wants to be an actor she has to learn to feel things passionately - she fails the test and decides to have a conventional college career rather than running away to NY. The less talented rich kid, OTOH, does become an actor - because he said what he wanted...Put like this, it sounds ludicrously systematic and sentimental - but it is better than I am making it sound, partly because the three principals are both credible and HAWT!

Riot Acts is an impressive documentary about the rise of trans and genderqueer bands - some rock, some folk, some plain weird - on the circuit in the US. It was filmed by members of a band as they toured - they're not in the film for obvious artistic and ethical reasons, which is probably a shame. I loved the various musics we heard and loved the sense of the music scene as one in which trans people have a career - the show was full of smart stuff about eg the issues around singing for trans men and trans women, and the permanent effects of T.

Also, it had my dear Anderson Toone in it - looking good, Toone!!!
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