Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Ashes to Ashes

It was always s clearly a show about death and last things and deconstructing the notion of heroes - remember thou are dust and unto dust thou shalt return/ashes to ashes,dust to dust, if god won't have you the devil must/funk to funky we know Major Tom's a junky'. In retrospect, what is Life on Mars, if it is not Death. With no more heroes, any more, as we were reminded this episode.

This is me officially capitulating to the selenak and paratti side of the force where before I was resistant.

And it is clear that Gene preaches survival, or redemption, through struggle, where Yates tries to bring people over to his side, to get them to desert Gene. And Keats has a pleasing shape and cites scripture, or at least regulations, to his purpose. When he got the undercover cop to relax into death, he shone from behind - and Gene when he thanked him for saving Chris referred to his having descended from on high and having light that shone from him.

Keats is the light-bearer; Keats is Lucifer.

Which I guess makes Gene God, or something like it.
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