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This is an Angel spoiler so minuscule that only absolute commitment to protocol makes me hide it behind a cut.
Wesley's father is being played by Roy Dotrice - wheeee! Now, for you young people, Dotrice was in 'Beauty and the Beast' on television, but for me, he is and always will be the very old man he played when he was rather young in a famous one-man show that was later on a major and repeated TV broadcast - John Aubrey.
John Aubrey, for those of you who don't know, is quite another person from Jack Aubrey, over whom you will all doubtless be squeeing when 'Master and Commander' comes out. John Aubrey is one of my prototypes - a slightly mad C17 scholar who did some of the first archaeological work on Stonehenge and other circles but who is mostly remembered for his book of random reminscences of his contemporaries and all the gossip he could get about the two previous generations. All the stuff about Shakespeare poaching deer and holding horses and being the father of William Davenant - it's out of Aubrey. All the stuff about Hobbes trying to teach Euclid to young aristocrats who used the time to jerk off - it's out of Aubrey. And Dotrice did all this in the right random way and was incredibly old in the way that only arrogant young actors can be.
He did a PD James adaptation at one point, too. So lots of practice at being Wesley's mad dad.
Meanwhile, consider me to be making that noise the bully in the Simpsons makes.
Michael Howard, haw! haw!
The Conservatives have chosen, of their own free will, to be led by a man who reminds everybody of why we voted them out of office in the first place. In my Liberty days, I used to start each year with predicting reactionary Michael Howard measures and each year people would say I was paranoid and each year he would do most of them. Now, it is true that we ended up with a backlog of things too outrageous for Howard, and it is also true that Jack Straw and David Blunkett have done, or tried to do, most of them. Somehow, though, Howard's peculiar brand of lawyer's untruth, sanctimoniousness and arrogance annoy me still in a way that even the creepy homophobe Blunkett doesn't.
It is honestly not his fault that his father came from Transylvania, but it is still jolly funny that the British politician most often accused of looking like Dracula actually has that background.
So, today to the Comics thingy to meet up with Wendy and dolores and faithkitsune76 and Adi and Alex and various others like the Knockabout crowd and Jonathan and so on. David did the whole 'what's the difference between a heterosexual man and a bisexual? about eight pints' joke, and I asked what the lesbian version was and Selena said 'three days serious listening' which wasn't bad off the cuff.
We bitched about the fact that 'The Bill' has killed off the current lesbian character, while squeeing over the moment when closeted butch Gina Gold walked over and patted the dead Juliet's hair. We also did the Cathy Bradford best soap psychopath ever! fannish moment and tried to work out if the current storyline is her nemesis or whether she will get away with it again.
I also came up with my very silly Angel S.5 speculation.
Two vampires with souls is a threat to the universe, so, thinking laterally, maybe it would be less of a threat if there were three. Now, Harmony is very stupid, but she is a vampire and these days well-intentionedish, and Lorne did tell her back in Season Two that Cordelia was her path. If Charisma really is only coming back for the 100th episode and wants never to see anyone ever again, and they have got Mercedes for a lot of episodes, and Mercedes is too good for the one joke of maybe Cordelia's body dies and her soul gets to possess Harmony, which means Cordy and chief rebel Cordette in the same body and a lot of good multiple personality jokes and so on.
'At least you now have a taste for Prada'
'I always liked Prada.'
'Prada never came in pink.'
Selena suggested that there is probably room in that empty head for Lilah as well, but that is probably too bizarre a concept even for the Jossverse.
If I am a bit quiet and subdued and not posting, it is because my father is very ill and I expect to get summoned back to Cardiff at any moment. I went down on Monday and things were not good. I am not going to say any more about this at this point.
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