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Truth in advertising

I was chatting earlier to a middle-of-the-road, ie only quite reactionary, Christian friend, about the bishoping of Gene Robinson. And he said that one of his problems was that he felt Robinson had edited his ex-wife and daughters out of his life.

So I said, 'What gives you that idea? They were all there at the ceremony. It's noticeable that Robinson and his ex-wife made a point of sacramentalizing their parting and divorce and that he continues to have a relationship with his daughters.'

We worked out that it was a claim he had read in a newspaper column by some Christian opposed to Robinson and had not read round the subject enough to examine the bona fides of.

And I reminded him of the attempts to frame Robinson in advance of the vote with fake allegations of groping and linking gay youth websites to paedoporn. He was dutifully appalled.

So, isn't it interesting that people who rattle on and on about Biblical inerrancy in respect of justifying their homophobia have no qualms at all about breaking the Commandment against bearing false witness against their neighbour? Let alone Christ's remarks about the duty of charity to everyone and not just those who agree with you.

I'm not a Christian, but nor, it seems to me, are most of these people. Difference is, I don't claim to be.
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