Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

This is a horribly cheesy idea

I've been thinking about jennyo's smart ideas about where 'Angel' is going this series and worrying that her ideas are just too smart in a way. Specifically, her plotting of the removal of Cordelia after episode 12 is probably not cheesy enough for ME in their present mood.

And it did occur to me that there was one way of killing a lot of birds with one stone.

Joss and Charisma may be very pissy with each other right now, but she does not seem to have done anything to justify being cast into outer Glenn Quinn darkness forever. They just need a cooling off period, which might be so long that it never ends, or might be up to the point where he needs her for another spin-off/a movie. After all, never is a long time.

What he needs is to have her gone from the franchise for a good long time, like SMG, but not necessarily dead and done.

And there is the hole out of which ME have to write themselves - the coma not resolvable by medical science or by Wolfram and Hart. Everyone has been assuming that W&H in the shape of Lilah was lying, but what if they were not?

There is one thing we know to be capable of helping people recover from a coma in the Buffyverse and that is Slayer healing. But, you will say, Cordelia is not a Slayer. To which I reply, what happened at the end of Season Seven?

What if Cordelia was another Potential, and got activated when all the others did, and has now healed to the point where she wakes up? Well, with all the atonement for what her body did, and all her issues about Angel selling out to W&H, she doesn't have to die. Just go off to Europe to hang with her sister slayers.

The other possibility, which I vaguely prefer, is that she wakes up dying, and gifts her soul to Harmony, restoring the balance of the universe by making there be three vampires with souls. And enabling Mercedes to play someone a little less terminally dim for a change.

These are as much bunnies for fic I am not going to write as they are spoiler speculations, I suppose, but then many of the best speculations are.
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