Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

A slight issue of creative freedom

Or people being wrong on the internet...

A number of commentators are very unhappy with Lisa Cholodenko's new film The Kids Are All Right and they do have a point in their unhappiness, let's be clear. Part of the plot has to do with one half of a lesbian couple having a fling with the guy who, years before, provided the sperm for their kids. The argument is, that this particular plot trope occurs far too often in films and television shows with lesbian storylines, and I don't think anyone could possibly disagree with that point in the abstract.

However, it's a slightly tougher call when we are considering Cholodenko's two earlier films, both of which feature straight women discovering their essential bisexuality through cheating on their long-term male partners - in one case with his mother. I wouldn't say anything as crude as, Cholodenko has earned one bi-curious lesbian by portraying two bi-curious women who were previously identified as heterosexual. What one can say is that she is clearly fascinated by the theme of infidelity and its consequences for wome.

What affronts me is that most of the comments I have seen on the new film ignore her earlier films in a way that rather implies that commentators haven't actually watched them, or at least not recently. I am also a bit irritated that some of the commentators haven't actually seen the new film yet either. (I haven't had the chance yet) And some people are calling for a boycott on the basis of there being plot points they disapprove of.

By all means disapprove - but maybe when people have seen it...
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