Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Catullus 8

This is one of the poems of heartbreak and breakup over Lesbia - who is probably Clodia - before they get really unpleasant and mean. This is somewhere between a translation and a version because the original is a bit longer, but also a bit internally repetitive.

You need to get that what is gone is lost.
Lying with her as each days's hot sun crossed
the sky, then you two were so deep in love.
Perhaps she started it; neither's above

the other once love's started. So much fun
you had together, and now it is done
and over. There is nothing you can do.
Whatever she wants now, it isn't you.

So tough it out, don't stalk her, be a mensch.
You will get over it. She won't. The wench
wrecked herself when she strutted off from you.
It was the end of love for her - it's true.

Scandal and age are hunting her with whips.
Who'll kiss you, bitch? Who'll nibble at your lips?
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