Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

I'm reading at INCITE on Thursday

which is a new queer poetry evening at First Out, those of you who are in London.

So, in honour of this, I thought I had better translate some of the not exactly heterosexual poems of Catulls this week...


I'd trust you friend with every love of mine
For you have standards. Some things you regard
As pure, untouchable. I know it's hard.
But do not touch that boy. He is so fine.

I am not worried random passers-by
will want to fuck him. Too much on their minds.
Your prick though, wanders. Into cute behinds,
often as not. I know you say you're bi

Can take or leave boys.So leave him alone
Make an exception, just for me. For it
is certain that I'll punish you, you shit,
If you betray me. Then you will atone

Strung up to be abused by all who pass
With spiny fish and carrots up your arse.
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