Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Catullus 1

This one is his dedication, to his friend Cornelius, who had written a huge history of Italy - which we don't have

And since neilhimself has been one of the most complimentary readers of these, if there's ever an actual book of them, he gets the dedication.

Who gets first dibs on this cute little book
fresh from the printers all shiny and new?
Neil, you encouraged it. It goes to you.
You thought it good from your very first look.

That's quite impressive - you've written so much
history of Dreamland in so many volumes,
all of the endless in their Gothic costumes
all of the demons and angels and such.

So much you made up and so much is knowledge
picked up at random and stitched like a quilt
Reading your stories is fun without guilt
Sex and adventure - and yet it's a college.

Anyway, here's my Catullus. Its pages
have filth, love and death. It is built for the ages.

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