Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

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A thought which sometimes strikes me

There are people, some of them on my friends list, whom I ought to know and ought to have met, and who it feels like I know, even though I don't. It is at times like this that I worry we all suffer bleed-through from alternate worlds, just that little bit different.

In a lot of worlds, my life is just the same, except for a slightly different selection of friends. In a lot more, I died a few years ago, or twenty years ago. In many more, my life just went a radically different way at various cusp points - except in most of those I know some of the same people, because my tastes were formed early on and a lot of my friendships have to do with tastes.

I think, for example, that in almost all possible worlds with me still in them, I am some sort of fan and some sort of writer.

I also sometimes think that some of my dreams are walks in those worlds.
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