Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

What is to be done

I've been thinking about what to do and how the terrible things that happened on Tuesday can be made the start of something good rather than merely a continuation of the endless revenge of everyone on everyone.

It seems to me that the question of guilt and punishment is one best organized through the courts. We are starting to have a system of legal redress for the victims of the world against the powerful of the world, and there is no reason why the millionaire Osama Ben Laden should not at least have to answer in a civil court for the crimes of his minions. It would be a worthwhile start to bankrupt him, and subject his claims of innocence to civil and criminal standards of proof.

We go on about how we believe in the rule of law - let's honour our beliefs.

As for the question of a fitting memorial for all those who died, a memorial that will not just perpetuate the politics of hate in the Third and Islamic Worlds, I have a proposal. Create scholarships, one each named after the victims of Tuesday, to provide poor children all over those parts of the world most in need with high school education followed by training in medicine, civil engineering and maybe a few other things. An Operation Headstart for the Third World would actually help reduce poverty and remove that foreignness and alienness which is one of the reasons for hatred. We need to change the world, and an act of imaginative kindness to those who think they have a reason to hate us would be a start.

If you agree with this, write to every influential person you know...
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