Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney


What little pleasure I can take from these -
good deeds I did, and contracts that I kept,
oaths that I honoured - all these memories,
now stands me in good stead. I may have wept

all of this time over unhappy love
but there's much more to life. I may live long
years still. It's known before the gods above
I've injured no one and done nothing wrong.

I trusted her; and she betrayed me; that
has wounded me near death. I've had enough.
I need to change my heart; the griefs that sat
there crushing me must go.It may be tough

to lay aside long love; it has to be.
I have to do it. It's my only chance
to regain health, to keep my sanity.
I have to end this poisonous romance,

whether I can or not. I need your aid,
gods, if you ever help men at death's door.
pity me now. I'm desperate, afraid
of what this love will do. I have no more

to say than, I've been good. It is unkind
that I feel love that's turned to a disease
that paralyses limbs and eats my mind.
Oh gods, have mercy, Stop me loving, please.

I don't ask you to get me back her love
to change her to a virgin from a bawd.
I want my health, I want you to remove
my love. I ask it as good deeds' reward.

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