Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

One of my own for a change


The conjurer has a die that's full of wires,
circuits and gyroscopes that send a sly
beam that tells him with pinpricks on his thigh
which way it's up. The nice young man he hires

to toss it, breaks a side off, sees the stuff
that's in there, puts the side back, throws some more.
Each time he calls it right, this guy's in awe
of his strange magic. Conjurer says 'Enough'

and his young friend says, 'just what are my tells?
how do you read my face to call the six,
the two, the three. What fiend taught you such tricks?'
Conjurer says 'it's gadgetry, not spells.

You saw inside the dice'. Guy laughs - 'I know
it's magic or my face. Wires are for show'
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