Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney


was interesting, as far as I was concerned, partly because it was all about the meta...The down-beat ending - when Will realizes that he shouldn't do the performance for the school and that he has been taking risks with the future of the club in an attempt to get Emma back, and that he is wrong to do that, because the dentist is good for her - seemed to me a fairly clear message from Ryan Murphy.

I'll push all the limits I can, he seemed to me to be saying, but this is a teen show on Fox and I can't do more than I am going to get away with. What you are seeing is pre-censored, and even then it could get pulled at any time...

So of course the show made all sorts of compromises, because that is what the show does, and has to do. But it was still musically strong in various places, and weirdly hot in others.

Just don't expect too much.

And The Rocky Horror Show was a good pick precisely because it is, and always has been, so compromising in all sorts of ways. There is a myth that it was a moment of liberation back in the 70s and I am here to tell you that it was not so - it was part of a moment, but it was one of the points- Cabaret was another, and Ziggy Stardust a third - when those of us who were queer and radical saw what we were pushing for toned down and made commercially acceptable. And had the sense to take the deal while knowing it for what it was...

(I didn't see TRHS at the Royal Court, but I did see the first run with the original cast when it transferred to a derelict cinema down the road. Ah, happy days.)
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