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The wondrousness of Jen and why Warner Bros are idiots

I will wait a while before saying anything about Cancellation, except that I am very very annoyed with the WB's attempt to pre-empt protest by saying 'la la, Angel is so wonderful that we are cancelling its ass. And we love David and everyone else, so we are firing his/their ass. And maybe we will have Angel telemovies some day, when Dark Shadows crashes and burns and we are completely screwed mid-season, but for now sayonara.'

Because I have a happier duty.

Which is wishing jennyo a Happy Birthday.

If she still had an answer-phone, I would ring it and sing badly into it. Few people know the horror that is Roz singing, but Jen, had she an answerphone, would join that select band.

But she does not, so embarrassment saved.

When I first started to hang around this fandom, I was impressed by various people's writing, and by few as much as Jen. I loved her other work, especially the Twin Peaks/ X-Files crossover. I was amazed by the Darla/Dru/Dana triangle fic. I have gone on being amazed by so many cool pieces of fic that I have more or less lost track and count - and always feel shamed by the quality of her work and the profusion in which she delivers it to us all.

Her work is characterised by emotional and sensuous intensity - she makes you feel how love hurts and how fucking takes some of the strain out of it, but adds more of its own. Her prose has strong bones and real passion. I've been a real klutz about reading her novel, because I am so shamed by how good the first chapters are - and I have made no progress on mine. (Admittedly - the odd other book has intervened.)

So anyway, happy Valentine Birthday Jen, and enjoy the opera. Next year, I'll fix tickets for the Royal Opera House or the English National for you.

Because you deserve them. And, in the meantime, is there a fic you'd like for your birthday? Because I'm stuck on the fifth untrue thing, and need an unblock.
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