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Small political question from a foreigner

After reading a lot about the whole question of GWB and his national guard service - a good summary is the one at Calpundit on - I find myself thinking that the real question is not the one everyone is asking. I don't think that Bush was neccessarily seriously AWOL for any length of time, but it is clearly the case that he was unwilling to attend his pilot's medical and went to some lengths to avoid it.

The question is - what would have shown up in that medical so bad that the consequences of missing the medical were less bad on his permanent record ?

There is a further question and that question is this. We know that he ended his term of duty with an honourable discharge in spite of some serious omissions of duty. We also know that there are some documents missing from the file. It would be naive to omit from consideration that his father was a. rich b. a Congressman c. later on head of the CIA and d. later still President. To what extent then was the fact that GWB avoided any negative results from his actions and omissions the result of equitable treatment and to what extent was it the result of gross abuse of power?

As with the lack of consequences for Neil Bush of the crash of his S&L, the question is less about the sins of any individual Bush than of the extent to which constant abuse of power by any of them to protect each of them renders the whole dynasty unfit for public office.
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