Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Best of all possible worlds, or maybe not

My annoyance with the WB is not just about the cancellation of 'Angel' - it is about the duplicity which led them effectively to guarantee the show's survival when talking about setting up 'Dark Shadows' and when celebrating the 100th episode. This may of course come round and bite them - showbiz journalists could care less about shows being cancelled, but they do mind being played for suckers.

An interesting organizational snippet that contains minor spoilage.

So, Henson's provided the puppets for 'Smile Time', did they?

I find it very interesting that Mutant Enemy have been in regular communication with the one company in the world which has managed to resurrect a show after a network cancelled it and when no-one else was interested. Because, if we read the hints in last month's SFX, it would appear that 'Farscape' is back in the studio doing two-hour specials. (This is third-hand - but my friend culturaladdict was told about evidence that confirms this - permits for shooting.)

Of course, this leads to the nightmare scenario, in a good way, of the two shows combining to save money. Those few of us who love both can take this moment to quiver at the resulting slash pairings...

( One of my favourite operas is Strauss's 'Ariadne auf Naxos'. Whose first act sets up the premise of the second which is that a rich bourgeois' schedule leads to a lachrymose opera about Ariadne and her desertion by Theseus and rescue by Bacchus being combined with a commedia dell'arte whose characters bounce into the action. )
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