Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Kerfuffle part six thousand

Planet Transgender have posted again, and re-misgendered Kimberley while calling for our absolute surrender. I replied as follows - this is important because Kelli Busey has a habit of using moderating of comments to censort stuff she does not like.

'You seem determined to go on misgendering Kimberley, a trans woman, as a drag queen. Are you aware that Helen Bird of Paradox. respect for whose feelings you regard as being so important, has denounced this misgendering on Twitter and absolutely dissociated herself from it? Are you also aware of how very angry she is that you misattributed her work to someone else? Further, this misattribution of her work - to an American, Helen Boyd - happened in the context of your attempted and inaccurate outing of someone who has beem very careful to keep her surname off the net.

This goes way beyond varying cultural sensibilities into ludicrously aggressive behaviour and, since you claim to be protecting Helen's sensibilities, personal betrayal.

You also seem incapable of reading nuance - I want to make it very clear that I do not regard this as America's fault, just yours.

I'll put it as politely as possible - do you associate yourself with the call for violence against Kimberley on one of your Facebook threads, or are you prepared to say you don't endorse what someone said in the heat of the moment.

Please let us know.'

I find myself practising the words, I have received no such assurances and therefore...
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