Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Cautionary tale about being Roz

Sometimes you can be too clever for your own good.

The Guardian has a Saturday quiz, which we always do, and the second half of the quiz asks you to sort out what various things have in common. Today, one of them was 'The Enigma Variations; the Origin of Species; Prison Reform' and we thought hard. And we went - ooh tricky!

The most famous Enigma variation is the one called Nimrod, after the mighty hunter in Genesis, because it was a portrait of Elgar's music publisher Jaeger, which is the German for hunter; Darwin's discovery of natural selection was based on the work he did on the Beagle; prison reform was started by Elizabeth Fry, who was a Quaker, a denomination founded by George Fox. So - hunter, beagle, fox. There we had it.

Except of course that, as we should have known perfectly well, Darwin and Elgar and Elizabeth Fry all appear on bank notes. Which was the answer.
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