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Catching up in slices

Jet lag lasted four hideous days was followed by a week when I had a lot of work to get through in four days - fourteen reports, and writing up the interview I went to the US to do in the first place. Then, somehow, I lost the weekend and today - Sunday was at least accounted for by going to see Starsky and Hutch and watching the last five episodes of season two of 'The Shield'. And Friday was a migraine day, whereas today was a day when I would have had a migraine except I'd already had one on Friday.

The migraine meant I got a lot of review listening done rather than just spend the afternoon and evening on the phone - most of it a matter of eliminating discs that I didn't like or which I quite liked and will hang on to but won't make the review list cut. And the soundtrack album for The Passion of the Christ will not make the cut, or go onto my shelves, and I will take great pleasure in not getting any more for it than it is worth.

S&H is slashier than a very slashy thing, of course, whereas 'The Shield' never makes it past the bat's squeak sort of subtext. It's a far better show than 'The Bill' of course, but my favourite UK show does manage that side of things better - when PC Nick Klein was disappeared into witness protection, DS Phil Hunter went to apologize for everything they had done to each other. And you so wanted them to acknowledge that it had all been about sex and knew they never would. I think I almost managed to convince Rob on the phone this afternoon - he tends to resist the slash interpretation of things, but even he had to accept that scene as subtext-laden.

Very tired still - American trip report later. I have to go and check whether it is true that the cover of Reading the Vampire Slayer actually appears on screen in one of the Buffy Season Seven DVD featurettes. Because, I mean, if so - well, cool.
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