Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

I am currently reading my friend Robert Irwin's excellent account of his involvement with Sufism and his conversion to his own quite idiosyncratic brand of Islam Memoirs of a Dervish and this came up almost fully-formed in my head as a sort of personal credo.

Against Mysticism

If this is all there is, the sudden splash
of tapdrip in the sink, the pleasing weight
of arse on chair, there should be no debate
on what to do or think. There is no clash

of mind and body if there is no soul.
There is the shortest span of human time
in which to think and feel. No bell will chime
to signal death is near. The only goal

is to use our time well while it is there,
to reason and delight and to be kind
to taste food and run over in one's mind
what one is doing, to sit in one's chair

and read a while. Then go care for a friend.
And do this every day until life's end.
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