Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Sunday lunchtime brooding

I am going through a lot of angst about the recent Angel 5.22 spoilage and my own attitude to it. I used to think that I was a hard cold critic with no particular investment in directions that the show might take, only in discussing what was actually decided.

But no it seems like I have started actually caring. And the thing I care about is that women either die or get trashed or both - Wesley and Gunn dying is something I can oddly live with, but what annoys me at the level of clumsy plotting is that they die because Harmony betrays them. So much has been done in the course of Season 5 to set up the idea that Harmony has grown up and changed, not to become good, but to acquire loyalties and stick by them, that to revert to vampire-are-always-evil is just irritating Furyism.

I actually like what I have seen of Illyria - Amy Acker can actually act and is better not playing St Fredelicious. I can see that the telemovies need a certain clearing of the decks. And I have no especial dislike of Spike.

I just get a feeling that if this was what Joss always planned at the end of this season, it was because he needed fewer characters for a cheaper show...

I don't know - maybe it will be all right on the night, and so on.

Meanwhile, in other fandoms, 'The Bill' has managed yet another of its patented WTF plotting with Cameron haranguing his beloved Kerry about whether or not she was dateraped by Smitty, while she and Smitty are trying to cope with a hostage situation. A bank robber has strapped a bomb to the manager who repossessed his house and took his wife. And Cameron's crazed ranting causes the hostage to panic, and set off the bomb, and possibly, though not apparently actually from the previews, kill Kerry. I love my insane cop soap.

It seems like I am never going to get it together to write an extended NY report - so briefly, I went over to interview nice Harlan Coben, an interview which will appear in the Independent soon. I had all sorts of unpleasant hassles with the hotel, who were doing a 'We don't make mistakes' number about their failure to cope with the publisher's credit card booking of my room - I really must write the letter complaining about the desk clerk's gender issues. I had a pleasantly obscene diner meal with thete1, and hung out variously with ter369, par_avion, eleanor, baldanders and Velma, who sang with Scraps in a charming piano bar and quite made my trip all by themselves...Also, a fab meal in a Bleeker St Umbrian called Vittorio.
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