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Roz Kaveney


For Immediate Release
by Deborah Grabien on Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 4:43am

Plus One Press is delighted to announce the acquisition of Roz Kaveney's dark fantasy tetralogy RHAPSODY OF BLOOD. The first volume, RITUALS, is scheduled for release in July 2012.

Roz Kaveney is well-known in the sf and fantasy field as a critic and reviewer; her books on television and film (READING THE VAMPIRE SLAYER; TEEN DREAMS; SUPERHEROES!) have been widely acclaimed. Along with Neil Gaiman, Mary Gentle and Alex Stewart, Roz was also part of the Midnight Rose Collective, producing and contributing to the Shared World anthologies TEMPS, THE WEERDE and VILLAINS. Most of Roz's short fiction has been listed in Recommended Reading in Best of the Year anthologies.

She is also a respected poet and translator, a columnist and reviewer on national newspapers, and an activist in the fields of free speech, civil liberties and trans rights.



What if all mythologies were true?

What if you could become a god by killing people? And if someone were the Huntress that killed such gods?

What if there were elves and vampires and dryads and enchantresses and gods and demons? And you had to live in their world?

RHAPSODY OF BLOOD is a story about the death of people, cities and worlds. And dangerously witty women.

Coming July 2012
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