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Kill Bill Volume Two - some speculative thoughts.

I love the implied slingshot in the credits to the sequel he may or may not ever make.

You really didn't think Elle Driver was dead, did you? Just because cleverboots Quentin has Darryl Hannah recapitulate the jerky death of Priss from Blade Runner, doesn't mean she's dead. Not in this film, in which she is playing a mean bitch, not a cute deadly robot.

Just blind, in the desert, with a snake and a corpse and a million dollars, and a Hattori Hanzo sword.

There are three characters apart from Beatrix and her child left alive for the sequel - there is blind swordswoman Elle and one-armed lawyer Sophie Fatale and little Nikki to whom Beatrix has promised a chance of revenge when she grows. Interestingly, the blind swordsperson and one-armed fighter tropes are among the few on which he never touches in KB. And presumably Nikki is little BB's half-sister. So much angst and so much slash.

Oh, and if you read the script online, there was originally Go-go's identical twin sister, who might show up in a sequel.
And in case you think this is just spec, look at the closing credits. All of the DIVAs have a sword slash through their name, except for Elle, who has a question mark.

He is so asking us for fanfic...Which I of course will not be weak about.
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