Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Ups and downs

I lost a good and true friend on Wednesday - I found out from lj on Friday morning. It was a huge surprise - though she had health problems, they were not obviously life-threatening. Almost everyone I know who knew her is devastated - I am shell-shocked by the fact this has happened when I spoke to her only a couple of weeks ago and arranged an Angelfest for next weekend.


I invented a recipe this evening and am very happy with it because it was so simple. I boiled a quantity of red rice to be the bulk of the meal and steamed a quantity of baby broad beans with chopped wild garlic and chopped dill. Then I stuck the beans and herbs in a bowl of yoghurt mixed with paprika, and turned the result out on to a bed of the rice. We also had a salad of avocado, cherry tomato, orange tomato, fresh basil and a dash of hazelnut oil.

I will never be a vegetarian full-time, but damn! I love vegetarian meals sometimes.


Weird dreams, mostly about architecture and stuff. At one point I was involved in some sort of plot in a Renaissance kingdom and a counterplotter was distracting the mob by doing magic tricks with his detachable novelty eye-balls. I got bored with watching this, and walked away and suddenly I was in a part of North London I didn't know with literary mafioso Walsh, an acquaintance.

We found a big building that was a relic of Empire - it was some sort of office for the British in India and it was a big Gothic pile in some respects except that it was massively decorated with sculpted animal heads so big that things like windows had to be inside them. We walked around this commenting for some time and then I spotted a shop called the Cave of Clocks which was little more than a covered stall.

And inside I wasn't with Walsh any more, but with my friend Charlie and we were looking at antique clocks, many of them with animal heads for decorative cases that had obviously come from the same workshop as the big ones on the building adjacent.

In the back of the shop were zithers and psalteries and marimbas. 'Oh' someone said, 'clockmakers make those too.' Someone said that one of them was an ocarina and I was puzzled because surely that's an entirely different sort of instrument. And around then I woke up because the news on the radio got loud.
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