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Selena Update

One or two of you have expressed concern that I didn't post yesterday, and the answer is that there was a brief crisis and I delayed posting until the situation clarified itself.

I saw Sel briefly yesterday afternoon and she was in good spirits and thanked all of you who commented on my original post - I'd printed it all out and she was a very happy bunny to hear from you all. She's also started getting cards and so on and is very happy about those too - Wendy sent flowers which were much appreciated.

No more flowers for the moment though, because of the chemo which starts tomorrow am.

The reason my visit was cut short was that she needed to go down to theatre to have a Hickman tube fitted - this is the sprocket thingy through which they pass the chemo.

This is where the problem happened - they tried to fit it on the left side and it turned out that the blood vessel had been compromised by her CP, and it ruptured. They repaired it, and fitted the Hickman on the other side, but the upshot of all of this was that she was on the table for quite a long time and got some fluid in her lungs. This meant that they had to put a tube in, and put her on a ventilator, and keep her heavily sedated.

That was the position as of late last night, at which point I got updated by her parents. It is why when a couple of people rang the hospital, they were told she was in Intensive Care.

She had a reasonably comfortable night and is getting slowly better from this unfortunate incident. She is still on a ventilator and still sedated, but they let her wake up every so often and when she does, she is alert and so on. They hope to have her off the ventilator tomorrow morning.

With all of this, they didn't start chemo today. They'll be starting it tomorrow and using a less aggressive substance than might otherwise have been the case - they are concerned about her strength at this point.

None of this is good news, but none of it is especially bad either. This is going to be a long six months haul and we have to keep calm...

I made a judgement call last night about not posting this until I knew the score today - I hope no-one feels I have behaved disingenuously.

Meanwhile, can I commend to you all gonzo21's idea of everyone writing fanfic or poetry for Sel so that he can put together a booklet for her. This is such a good idea.
Write to him about it.
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