Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

1. Selena is still on a tube, but they think her lungs are finally clear - we've heard this before, but really, really this time, so the odds are strong that she will be off the tube and ventilator first thing tomorrow and that they will be able to taper down the sedation. The fever still gives some cause for concern, but is more under control than it was. When she is awake, Selena is much more sophisticatedly alert than she was - actually communicating rather than just being aware that people are in the room and tracking them with her eyes. Because of tubes and lines, she can't yet talk or sign easily - but she is using winks and nods to indicate what she wants on the stereo and so on. And they are still managing to get the first run of chemo into her.

Not great news, then, but some real small improvement.

2. Watched the first of the teen movies I didn't know recommended by people in LJ - 'Better off dead' has a lot of sports rivalry crap, and some vague misogyny and body fascism, but it has some great surreal moments and insane comic invention. Better than I expected from the 80s.
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