Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

Words for a wedding perhaps

The words we say at weddings are all true.
Though lie a bit. We can't know love will last.
Passion may sweep from future or from past
Like a tornado, devastating, new.

Yet we can hope.Promises can be kept
And mostly are. Most lovers with a sigh
Think their unfaithful thoughts, then shut the eye
that looks elsewhere. Once you have ten years slept

In bed at home, the gentle purring snore
of her you love, the softness of her arm
caught tight against your stomach, these have charm
makes you forsake all others. There's no law

makes lovers true as much as the content
that wedding vows don't speak of, but still meant.

We dance at weddings. This is why we dance.
Dancing's a moment taken out of time,
driving as rhythm, elegant as rhyme
that says, and may speak true. No evil chance

can cut in, sping the newly weds away
in opposite directions. They will hold
each other tight on stormy days or cold,
baking or misty. Dancing is the play

that acts outlife together.Round the pair
their friends caught in the same strong pounding beat.
Some pirouette and some have two left feet.
We hope this love will last. That's why we're there

Their dancing witnesses, each happy face
a bond that holds them to this time, this space.

Let no man cast asunder what's been tied.
Some loves may break but of their own accord
in their own time. But this is love's reward.
Fathers and kings and prophets have all lied

when they have tried to smash true love with law.
Marriage that's true is taking of the hand
meeting the eyes. No matter what is banned.
To speak out love is what a wedding's for

And that stays true. No politician's hate
no pope or evangelical's decree
can change the fact that we are here to see
a love that's true. It's good if church and state

bless this.Love's true in open light or dark.
Stronger than law. The diamond law can't mark
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