Roz Kaveney (rozk) wrote,
Roz Kaveney

I talked to Selena briefly yesterday - she is coping and sitting up and talking. She is also quite scared and occasionally panics - as one would expect. Much of this is exhaustion from the chemo and everything else.

On the other hand, she is quite sharp - when I said I'd try to ring her every day, she said 'Do or do not do - there is no try' which, given she was coughing a bit, was a pretty impressively apposite quotation. I'll post when I've talked to her.

I won't be going to see her for a while because she is still exhausted and my cold is back -Abi and I went to see Georgie Fame in Golders Green and got rather cold and wet in the process. We wasted a lot of time getting up there by going the long way round - the scenic route through Highgate and Finchley which was an interesting set of bus rides through strange suburbs full of laburnum and cricketers, but not really practical. This meant that we missed excellent Tina May and heard a certain amount of routine jazzers - but it was worth sitting around under an umbrella just to hear Fame do his two or three hits and some great Ray Charles and other blues.

There were also some charming children of various genders and ethnicities, who can't have been more than five, alternately playing football and doing their version of the Gene Kelly 'Singing in the Rain' choreography. Interestingly, they were far better on the steps than on the words.

I was wondering today when fundamentalists made up the Rapture. It does seem to be a very new idea as these things go - it's not in Mediaeval Christianity, or the ideas of crazy C17 Protestant weirdos. It doesn't crop up in Edmund Gosse's 'Father and Son', his memoir of his fanatic father who destroyed the servants' Christmas pudding and invented the idea that fossils were a prank by God to test our faith. The weird thing about fundies is that they make up stuff that no other Christians have ever believed and claim it is the core message from the beginning - the Gospels talk about the last Judgement quite graphically and yet somehow no 'you'll all shoot up into the sky' idea gets mentioned. The actual texts they use don't clearly say anything of the kind.

It sounds to me like the idea of some evangelical who'd been reading 1950s sf.
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